With international trading as our core function, we specialize in the long term development of trade in goods and services provided by our trusted suppliers. We focus on supply and demand identification and arrange for import and export transactions to service suppliers and customers within our outside respective geographical boundaries.

Suppliers get at their disposal the facility of our vast international reach and product dissemination infrastructure enabling them to penetrate foreign markets. We interface with the buyer for all necessary activities from introducing the product to realizing the payment.

Buyers benefit from dealing with a team which has a decades of experience in international trading as well as ability to commit for the long term. We offer confidence to buyers regarding the secured supply of their goods in accordance with required standard of quality and delivery along with after sales service to ensure long standing trust in the relationship

Both buyers and sellers benefit from our experience and economies of scale. Our large aggregate trading volumes and product rotation, as well as our experience, mean that we have the resources, size and people in place to service all aspects of the trading process, from finance and procurement to transportation and regulatory issues.

We help suppliers access South East Asian customers, including handling regulatory approvals and arranging for import and export transactions, whereas buyers can purchase from CoPlan-International Kft and feel confident that its requirements for quality and quantity will be handily met.